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* Cost-Efficient 5x7 Bathroom Remodel $12,500

If you are interested in a low-cost bathroom remodel then this will give you an idea of the price range.  For a 5x7 Bathroom with: New tub, Shower tile, Glass door, new flooring, new toilet, new vanity, new fixtures, paint, trim, mirror, light, and diverter.  The Total cost will start at $12,500. This includes labor and material cost. 

Note: Every Bathroom is different, so the cost for labor and materials can change. Cost can vary significantly depending on different materials brand, design, store, etc. 

* Average Large Master Bath Remodel $24,000

If you have a bathroom larger than 8x10 with;  Wall tile, Floor tile, walk in shower, Shower Niche, Vanity, Mirror, Lights, Fixtures, Vent fan, Custom shower Glass, Toilet, painting, and diveter, Price starts at $16,000 for labor and up. The cost of materials can easily be $8,000 or more. so total cost $24,000 as a range.

Note: Price will vary more or less depending on materials, scope of work, etc.

* High-End Large Extravagant Bathroom $55,000+

If you Have a Large Luxury bathroom with Multiple sinks, Multiple shower outputs, Independent Lavatory room, Custom poured shower pan, European style floor concept, Moving the location of Plumbing and Electrical, Moving walls, Multiple Shampoo niches, Extravagant fixtures and lighting, Standalone tub, Waterfall tile effect, Custom built storage spaces, Multiple doors of entry, Venting, Heated flooring, Custom built vanity's with quartz, glass or marble, fireplace, or any other luxury concepts then a price range starts at $35,000 not including material cost. Material cost Can easily be more than $20,000. so a total cost starting at $55,000 and up from there.

Note; This is just an estimate, to give you an idea of what the cost can start at. We understand there are many factors that can determine cost, like the size, design, plumbing and electrical location, wall being taken down and moved, etc.

Bathroom Pricing

Entry Doors

1. Standard 60 inch entry door-$350 for a basic prehung replacement

2. 8ft door- Custom doors that are 8ft tall start at $1000 to install.


3. 10-12ft doors- Custom doors that are 10-12ft tall start at $1400 to install.


4. Double doors 12ft tall and over start at $2500 to install.

Note: Price will be dependent on different factors like; style of door, Type of trim, If the jamb has to be custom built or comes pre-built, if modifications need to be made to opening, frame, or door, etc.

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